have your salon
run smoothly

and your staff happy

if you’re a salon owner
with many things on the go…

You already know that having a staff that is a team
of motivated individuals that know how to work together is key!

here's what you
might not know...

Even if you hire the perfect staff,
having a salon run smoothly without
conflict or disruption isn’t as easy
as you think.

Salon owners often think that hiring the right people means that their salon will run itself without any guidance, but that isn't true.

do you already have staff
working for you?


but what the heck do you do next?

You want to start thinking about implementing your policy and procedures, getting all those things that you know in your head that you want for you biz down on paper.

The fact is most salon owners don’t make it
through the first few years of business.

With 8 out of 10 salons closing, it shows us that something is missing. 

Staff don’t know what they are supposed to be doing, how to do it, and why they’re doing it in the first place.  


If staff don’t know the reason why policies and procedures are in place, 
they won’t understand why they’re doing them in the first place. It is vital that your staff understand this in order for you to have a thriving business.

the fact is, the hairstyling industry isn't viewed as professionally as others

And we let that be an excuse
for why we half ass it in our businesses.

so here it is:

salon saviour

your salon’s guide to ultimate success.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from
my years of working
as an employee
in salons to being a salon owner with employees...

It isn't just a fill in the blank template...
It’s a guide to help you create
the best team culture and salon you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, you’ll have access to my exact employee handbook as well as a template you can copy
and paste into. Like what you see on mine? I’m giving you permission to copy it right over.

The end result:
you owning a widely successful salon.


imagine what life would be like if...

You didn’t have to constantly
be getting after your staff.

You could go on a vacation
and not worry about your
business falling apart.

Customers were leaving happy
all the time.

that's what you can achieve with
salon saviour

grab yours today


What's included:

  • Access to my exact employee handbook
  • Notes to guide you on making it your own
  • Audio to walk you through everything in the booklet
  • A customizable template for you to make it your own.

NO matter how big or little your salon
this is a must to create consistent experiences with exceptional staff.
buy now

This is for you if you:


  • own a salon with employee or booth renters

  • are opening up a salon that will have employees or booth renters

  • are an independent stylist with an assistant

  • want staff that respect and understand you

  • want to have consistent experiences for your customers

  • are looking to have a clear cohesive recognizable brand


This isn’t for you if you:


  • don’t care if your customers have consistent services

  • want to feel like a slave to your staff and business

  • don’t value your brand and reputation

money back guarantee

Show me you’ve done the work, met with your staff, communicated clearly with them, and if it still didn’t work for you, I will give you a full refund.

Why? Because I know this works. I’ve seen it work.


*I stand behind our guarantee, before you make your purchase, please view my full policy.


for only $149.99 today!


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