Rock Your Consultation

what if...

you never had to hear the words

'I see yellow.'

ever again?

not to mention those moments at the sink where you think...

"OMG I should have told her that there was a small chance her hair wouldn't  lift as much as I hoped"


beads of sweat rolling down your back

sweat stained pits and shaky hands, 

all the while your mind races to figure out how to back pedal & lower your client's expectations after

you've W-A-Y overpromised!

This used to happen to me ALL.THE.TIME

I didn't want to crush my clients hair dreams.

 I would say YES! to everything,

then run to the backroom and panic trying to figure out how the hell I was gonna make, the sometimes impossible, happen.

sound familiar?

the thing is..

no one wants to admit that our industry is lacking some serious communication skills.


We both know you've got  the talent and skill, hot damn you're so freakin' good at what you do,


but still there are clients leaving unsatisfied  and coming back unhappy.


It's time to change that for you


Ditch the stress & anxiety and start...


Rock Your Consultation

your complete guide to happy clients every time

Custom consultations are the best way to ensure every client leaves happy

Do clients come to you with unrealistic expectations?

... and then get mad at you when their hair isn't perfect?

Let's fix that.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're not doing custom consultations

● surprise moments at the sink
● saying yes to every clients request
● feeling stressed out when certain clients name pop u pin you schedule
● 'fixes' that weren't actually fixes 

Now, imagine this was what a day at the salon looked like for you

● No more unhappy clients, or misunderstandings
● No more surprises at the sink
● Clients raving about you because you somehow read their mind
● Charging premium prices because you are nailing each and every appointment

Are you ready for clients to start seeing you as their trusted stylist,

instead of thinking they know more about hair than you do? 

This is now your new reality 

I'll show you how.

This consultation program  isn’t just some run of the mill  “what would you like me to do with your hair today?” kinda thing.

It goes deep… helping you understand your clients,  build trust with them, connect with them, and understand what makes them tick.

It sets you up for ultimate success and has your clients raving about you non stop

check it out...

Rock Your Consultation


 video trainings, audio walk through, my exact consultation form that changed my biz, templates and a full consultation as it takes place. 
Everything you need to turn even the toughest prospect into a raving, no-one-else-is-allowed-to-touch-my-hair client.
I'm in!

"Thank goodness I found Dawn! Since implementing Rock Your Consultation I feel so much more organized and my clients finally take me seriously.

I used to be worried about coming across confrontational, but now I don't worry at all, I know how to communicate clearly, set realistic and clear expectations that not only make my clients happy but that also protect me and my business.
Thanks Dawn"

Asia Longoria

" Rock Your Consultation opened my eyes to needing to have clearer communication and consistency with my clients and in my business. Its all about being connected.

With over 20 years in this industry I am still able to learn new ways for growth and success."


Are you ready to be respected and valued as a trusted professional?

To finally have your clients understand the process?

If you said yes to either of those questions its time to grab Rock Your Consultation & start having the most successful appointments

just think, what if you could charge for your consultations..

and have people lining up at the door to book in?

Since charging for my consultations I have never had anyone complain. 


because they feel heard, valued and understood. Not to mention I knock it out of the park and blow them away with their service, all because of my custom consultation process.

(plus you could have this program paid for in just a couple consultation appointments, I'll show you how)

Here's just some of what you get when you take the Rock Your Consultation program

● a must follow start to finish appointment checklist to keep your clients blown away & swept off their feet the entire appointment
● my tried and true secrets on how to build trust fast and ensure your clients have the best experience possible
● your clients wanting to come back time and time again (not to mention referring all their friends)


im so in!



Here's how the client experience will be completely different for you...

No more over promising to win someone over, only to disappoint them when it doesn't turn out.

Rock Your Consultation sets you up for the ultimate success.

Learn how to:

  • Establish trust and understanding with each person that sits in your chair
  • Know exactly what your client is thinking and trying to communicate with you
  • Communicate expectation clearly and effectively in order to eliminate misunderstandings
  • Cover your a$$ for when the unexpected happens
  • Make sure every no show & late cancel get charged without having to chase them down or stress out about it
  • Make more $ off the appointment without being slimy

This radically changed my biz and the trust given to me by clients. 

What's included:

  • Video walk through of a real consultation as it takes place
  • Audio step by step directions of how and why I ask the questions I do and how I communicate clearly and effectively
  • My EXACT Consultation Form with Notes PDF, this includes waivers on the risk of chemical services, my Cancellation Policy, and the importance of home maintenance
  • The Consultation Form Template  for you to download & make it your own
  • The Appointment Cheat Checklist Template  to make your client experience like no other

binge worthy material that you can get through in an evening.

Get started now for just $197 US!

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