not getting the results you want with balayage?

how great would it feel to charge premium prices & shorten your appointment times?

while still producing top quality results!

Change the way you balayage & start getting the results you want




Are you tired of:

  • Not getting enough lift from your open air painting
  • Having to shadow root/smudge every client
  • crossing your fingers that your placement & application turn out alright

You want to avoid this but instead you are:

  • Trying to please everyone
  • working way too hard with little pay off
  • Feeling completely frustrated  when it comes to Hair Painting
  • losing money because you're scared to charge correctly

The fact is most stylists are just wingin' it when it comes to balayage

start having predictable results and more successful outcomes

Imagine this:

  • knowing exactly what sectioning and application to use 
  •  Seamless blends without shadow rooting
  • Getting max lift from open air application
  • cutting down your appointments times
  • charging premium prices because you now specialize
  • clients raving about you because you’ve be able to finally give them the hair no other stylist has been able to 


meet your mentor


are you ready to finally stop over complicating the process

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"All the girls I work with thought I was nuts when I started using Dawn's comb trick- but it worked like a bloody charm. Taking this class was a total win!"


"Dawn's generosity with her knowledge and guidance through this course is empowering. Her sensible technical approaches strengthened my confidence to paint hair with purpose. 100% worth up-leveling my skills!!!"


"After watching the first module of HPOL, I used the education immediately in the salon. ANNNND I used Dawns comb trick, what a difference! I'm thrilled with the results and can't wait to learn more from Dawn!"


Simplify your approach without compromising the results. 


Sign up today and learn how to:

  • Use your tools differently to get unbelievable results.
  •  Completely change your painting game with how you mix your lightner
  • Create a seamless blend with out having to shadow root ever again
  • Envision and execute your desired placement on any hair type with my signature U placement.
  • Set your hair painting prices
  • Save your clients money while charging more
  • plus get a downloadable workbook to go along with the course
  • And so much more

Watch as I walk you through step by step:

  • what products I use
  • how I  mixed differently and the huge impact it has
  • my application and sectioning on 3 different hair types ( blonde, brunette, and previously foiled)
  • plus stick around for my bonus FAQ's


sign up today

With completely binge worthy content, over 60 minutes of instruction, Q&A with Dawn, plus life time access you can start right now and change the way you do hair forever.

$199 USD

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